Film production 

Script Writing: Out of your vision we will create beautiful words and evocative images.

Production Design: The success to any production is the quality of the crew.  Our professional crew has extensive experience.

Casting: We’ll find the right talent for your project.

Shooting: This is where your vision takes life.

Editing/Color grading: This is where all the magic comes together.

Corporate Videos

We will provide high-quality videos to represent your brand’s image and  illustrate your company’s mission to your targeted audience. We will work with you to develop and create effective training and compliance videos.

Music Videos

Music videos remain an instrumental part of the music industry. With the emergence of outlets like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. you as an artist have the opportunity to reach millions of new fans worldwide. You can connect with them, promote shows and highlight new releases. A professional music video is just what you need to maintain a presence on the scene.

Video Editing

Even the best story in the world is worth nothing without a linear assemblage to convey the story. We are here to help you put your story together with our  professional non-linear video editing services.

Voice-Over Production

MAP Entertainment has access to top voice talent to convey your message. We use state-of-the-art recording equipment to capture the purest sounds. Whether you’re working on an internal corporate training program, or a radio ad campaign, voiceover talent is critical to grabbing and holding your audience’s attention.

Motion Graphic Videos

Coming soon!

With quality motion graphics you can quickly grab your viewer’s attention and deliver your message. Motion graphics are well on the way to lead us into the future of video marketing.

Still Photography

Complete your marketing campaign with the add-on of still photos to your motion pictures. Line of Sight Photography, our sister company is ready to serve and help enhance your projects. We also offer portrait, event, and commercial photography services.

Aerial drones

Whether you are celebrating a special event or representing a property, at MAP Entertainment, we know how important it is that you capture the right images from the right angles. MAP Entertainment offers reliable, professional quality drone photography and videography service to clients throughout Southern California. We have a wide range of services  for all occasions, from aerial photography, aerial videography, video production and professional color grading.

Event Coverage

Stay connected to the world and let people know what you have been up to with your event videos. This is perfect for promoting future events, and securing new opportunities.

Wedding Photo/Video

Carpe diem! Seize the day! Your unique story deserves a unique eye and a masterful storyteller to capture and recount it with still and motion pictures. From the first time we meet, until the day of your wedding, the goal is to learn  everything about you and your story to create a visual that is uniquely you.
After long months of planning, The Day, will go by fast once the festivities begin but you can rest assured that we will be on the scene to immortalize every bit of memory of “Your Day”. Love is love, but love becomes poetic when it is captured through our lenses.