Enhancing literacy skills through digital filmmaking/TV Production


Youth Filmmaking Program: Increasingly, teachers are being asked to address an ever-broader notion of literacy – one that includes new forms of digital literacy, related to the multimedia technologies students routinely interact with (e.g., blogs, wikis and social networking websites). Yet how can teachers integrate digital literacy with the State’s curriculum which underscores the importance of traditional forms of print and oral literacy? 

A filmmaking program that give students opportunities to create films and videos is one possibility that affords an opportunity to integrate print, oral, and digital literacies into a compelling curriculum unit. Incorporating student-created video production into the curriculum not only broadens the notion of what constitutes “literacy” and “texts” in the classroom but also serves to reinforce traditional forms of literacy through the creation of storyboards, scripts, and other print works. 

Furthermore, the opportunity to create their own videos may generate genuine enthusiasm for learning on the part of students. Students retain a high degree of ownership, not only of the video production process, but also of the personally meaningful stories the students told through video. 

Youth Filmmaking/TV production Program

Youth Filmmaking/TV Production Program  

Students will learn Hollywood techniques of narrative filmmaking and television production process. From concept, script development, pre-production, production to post-production, they will get hands on experience. State of art gear and software will be on hand, including 4k cameras, dollies, jib, steadicam, gimbals, 4k drones, etc. Local actors will be invited to audition for student films. Guess speakers and local production shops will be invited for special workshops. Every quarter will conclude with a red carpet event that will feature student films/videos for their friends and family to enjoy.

Cost: $150/month 1st child. $140 2nd child

Saturdays 10am-12pm

Joan Kroc Center, Performing Arts Center, Room 217

in La Mesa, CA. 

6845 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92115


Tel: (619) 328-8975

Youth Filmmaking program